Wey Valley Club Constitution (29 June 2013)Mark Edwards28th Jan 2016
CC2013 Age Cup Points GirlsKaren Tuddenham1st Jan 2014
CC2013 Age Cup full resultsKaren Tuddenham1st Jan 2014
CC2013 Age Cup Points BoysKaren Tuddenham1st Jan 2014
CC2013 8th December 400 Free resultsKaren Tuddenham15th Dec 2013
CC Age Cup winners 2013Chris Michael13th Dec 2013
Changes to FINA rules effective for British Swimming from 1st October 2013Karen Tuddenham7th Oct 2013
Goggle FittingMark Hammersley7th Feb 2013
Swim 21 re-accreditation letterSarah Gregory23rd Dec 2012
Role Description - Swim21 CoordinatorSarah Gregory20th Oct 2012
Role Description - Poolside HelperSarah Gregory20th Oct 2012
Role Description - LifeguardSarah Gregory20th Oct 2012
Role Description - Club Kit CoordinatorSarah Gregory20th Oct 2012
Role Description - Junior CoachSarah Gregory20th Oct 2012
Role Description - Public Relations OfficerSarah Gregory20th Oct 2012
Role Description - Officials' CoordinatorSarah Gregory20th Oct 2012
Role Description - Head CoachSarah Gregory20th Oct 2012
Role Description - Events OrganiserSarah Gregory20th Oct 2012
Role Description - Disability Liaison OfficerSarah Gregory20th Oct 2012
Role Description - Club SecretarySarah Gregory20th Oct 2012
Role Description - ChairmanSarah Gregory20th Oct 2012
Role Description - ASA Registration OfficerSarah Gregory20th Oct 2012
Role Description - Swim CoordinatorSarah Gregory20th Oct 2012
Role Description - Schools Liaison CoordinatorsSarah Gregory20th Oct 2012
Role Description - Club CaptainSarah Gregory20th Oct 2012
Role Description - Coaching CoordinatorSarah Gregory20th Oct 2012
Role Description - WhipsSarah Gregory20th Oct 2012
Role Description - Awards CoordinatorSarah Gregory20th Oct 2012
Role Description - Teacher and Assistant TeacherSarah Gregory20th Oct 2012
Role Description - Weekend TeacherSarah Gregory20th Oct 2012
Role Description - WebmasterSarah Gregory20th Oct 2012
Role Description - Welfare OfficerSarah Gregory20th Oct 2012
Role Description - Team ManagerSarah Gregory20th Oct 2012
Role Description - TreasurerSarah Gregory20th Oct 2012
Equity policy statement 2012Suzanne Hoslett8th Oct 2012
Code of conduct for parents 2012Suzanne Hoslett8th Oct 2012
Code of conduct for committee members 2012Suzanne Hoslett8th Oct 2012
Code of conduct for coaches and teachers 2012Suzanne Hoslett8th Oct 2012
code of conduct for swimmers 2012Suzanne Hoslett8th Oct 2012
Swimming club safeguarding policy statement 2012Suzanne Hoslett26th Sep 2012
ASA Code of EthicsSarah Gregory19th Sep 2012
Chairman's report 2012Mark Hammersley9th Jul 2012
Treasurerís Report 2012Mark Edwards3rd Jul 2012
AGM Minutes 2011Chris Michael3rd Jul 2012
Head Coach report 2012Chris Beckett29th Jun 2012
Accounts for the year ended 31 March 2012Mark Edwards28th Jun 2012
AGM Agenda 2012Chris Michael19th Jun 2012 
2012 Primary Schools Gala Press ReportChris Michael2nd Jun 2012
Insurance Certificate 2012-13 1st Apr 2012
Press Release - Stoodley Cup 2012Chris Michael12th Mar 2012
Press Release Wales tour 2011Chris Michael10th Oct 2011
Treasurerís Report 2011Mark Edwards30th Sep 2011
Chairman's report 2011Mark Hammersley24th Jun 2011
Accounts for the year ended 31 March 2011Roger Dowding22nd Jun 2011
Head Coach report 2011Chris Beckett22nd Jun 2011 
AGM Agenda 2011Chris Michael20th Jun 2011
AGM Minutes 2010Chris Michael17th Jun 2011
AGM Nomination to Committee 2011Chris Michael7th Jun 2011
Level Two Teacher/Coach AdvertMark Hammersley5th Jun 2011
2011 Primary Schools Gala Press ReportChris Michael29th Mar 2011
Restructure AnnouncementMark Hammersley9th Feb 2011
Press Release Rother LeagueChris Michael29th Oct 2010
Press Release Stoodley CupChris Michael28th Oct 2010
Chairman's Report 2010Mark Hammersley30th Jun 2010
Head Coach Report 2010Chris Beckett30th Jun 2010
AGM Agenda 2010Chris Michael25th Jun 2010
Accounts for the year ended 31 March 2010Roger Dowding16th Jun 2010
Treasurer's Report 2010Mark Edwards16th Jun 2010
AGM Minutes 2009 25th May 2010
SGM Minutes 2009Chris Michael25th May 2010
Joanneís Top Tips for Wey Valley WinnersJoanne Weston21st May 2010
View from the Head Coach 2010 28th Apr 2010
British Swimming Officials Newsletter Ė February 2010J Davies10th Feb 2010
Parentsí Guide for Swimming EventsKaren Tuddenham26th Jan 2010
SGM Agenda 2009 19th Jun 2009
Head Coach Report 2009Jon Brayne14th Jun 2009
Chairman's Report 2009Jeni Colbourne14th Jun 2009
AGM Agenda 2009 12th Jun 2009
Treasurer's Report 2009Mark Edwards12th Jun 2009
Accounts for the year ended 31 March 2009Roger Dowding11th Jun 2009
Nomination to Committee 2009 16th May 2009
Chairman's Report 2008Jeni Colbourne4th Jul 2008
Gala Report 2007 - 2008 4th Jul 2008
AGM Agenda 2008 20th Jun 2008
Treasurerís Report 2008Mark Edwards20th Jun 2008
AGM Minutes 2008 20th Jun 2008
Accounts for the year ended 31 March 2008Roger Dowding16th Jun 2008
Club ConstitutionJohn Carrie5th Jun 2008
AGM Minutes 2007 27th Jun 2007
Report of the independent examiner 26th Jun 2007
Chairman's Report 2007Jeni Colbourne24th Jun 2007
Income and Expenditure Account for the nineteen months ended 31 March 2007Roger Dowding22nd Jun 2007
AGM Agenda 2007Alex Laing22nd Jun 2007
WVSC - AGM 2007Ian Dobson22nd Jun 2007
Changes to the education and training of Swimming Officials 28th May 2007
WVSC Article Jo SteadJo Stead14th Apr 2007
WVSC - AGM 2006Ian Dobson6th Nov 2006
Head Coach Report 2006Chris BeckettNov 2006
Chairman's Report 2005 1st Dec 2005
Nomination to Committee 2005Alex Laing11th Nov 2005
AGM Agenda 2005Alex Laing11th Nov 2005
AGM Minutes 2005 11th Nov 2005
Head Coach Report 2005 Nov 2005
Chairman's Report 2004 20th Nov 2004
Head Coach Report 2004Chris Beckett20th Nov 2004
Treasurerís Report 2004 20th Nov 2004
Nomination to Committee 2004Alex Laing19th Nov 2004
AGM Agenda 2004Alex Laing19th Nov 2004
Income and Expenditure Account for the year ended 31 August 2004Helen Lamble24th Oct 2004
Notice of Annual General Meeting 2004Alex Laing5th Sep 2004
Code and conduct for club officials 16th Nov 2003
Chairman's Report 2003Jeni Colbourne16th Nov 2003
Head Coach Report 2003Chris Beckett16th Nov 2003
Nomination to Committee 2003 14th Nov 2003
AGM Agenda 2003 14th Nov 2003
Income and Expenditure Account for the year ended 31 August 2003Helen Lamble4th Oct 2003
Chairman's Report 2002 18th Nov 2002

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