Distance Swims

Rainbow Distance awards are aimed at swimmers from the age of five years upwards. This award system is particularly aimed at the recreational/fitness swimmer and is designed to demonstrate the swimmers ability to swim from A to B without pause and without stress. The swimmer may touch the end of the pool but not the bottom in order to turn. For distances over 50m the stroke swum may be varied but when changes are made this must be at the end of a length and not during a length. The strokes should be recognisable as one of the four competitive strokes but do not need to meet ASA laws fully; however, it should be noted that an efficient technique conserves energy therefore for longer distances good stroke technique is required to achieve the criteria of "a swim without pause and stress free".

Swimmers in the club progress through various awards. Beginners and Improvers in teaching classes will be continuously assessed and badges awarded by the class teacher. For the next stage of badges the swimmer has normally moved from classes into the fitness or competitive section of the club and are expected to progress through the longer distances - 1000m, 1500m, 2000m, 3000m, 4000m, 5000m.

Whilst swimmers in the competitive section of the club do participate in the Rainbow Distance Award scheme, for these swimmers the main award scheme is the Competitive Swimming Performance Awards. In this scheme the swimmer is assessed for stroke technique (must meet ASA Laws) and speed (timed) over distances for each stroke.

Distance award testing is usually undertaken on the last weekend of the summer term. Other distanace events, such as particiupation in the BLDSA Postal Swim, may be run at the discretion of the teacher or coach. Awards gained are published on the website and badges/certificates can be purchased through the swimmers coach or teacher.

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