Open Meets

Open Meets are essentially galas organised to give swimmers at all levels the opportunity to achieve times under competitive conditions as individuals rather than as part of a Club gala squad. Eligible swimmers can enter their own choice of events (as long as their times are within the guidelines of the event). So it is also a chance to improve in strokes you do not normally swim in galas.

'A' grade or 'L1' Open Meets are designed for Regional and National level swimmers. 'B' and 'C' grade ('L2' and 'L3') Open Meets will usually be more applicable for Wey Valley swimmers and have a 'fastest' entry time for each age group and swimmers with PBs faster than this time will not be eligible to enter. Usually an allowance of one or two seconds is made on the day, to allow for improvements made by swimmers in the intervening time between entry and the competition itself. Anyone swimming faster than this will be awarded a 'Speeding Ticket', usually in the form of a certificate. Gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded to the top three swimmers for each event in each age group and often ribbons are presented to those in the top six.

Please note that swimmers who wish to enter any Open Meets are required to be Category 2 members of the ASA.

Please do not apply directly to the club - all entries should come through Chris Michael, well before the deadline indicated, with the relevant fee paid (cheques to be made out to WVSC). Events you wish to enter should be clearly identified and your entry time will be the latest PB taken from the club database.

The Wey Valley entries are sent off together with one combined payment therefore, as most Open Meets accept entries on a 'First-come, First-served' basis, it is essential to have your entry request and fees in before the deadline. Late requests may not be accepted and risk all of our swimmers entries being rejected.

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How to Enter

If you're interested in competitive swimming outside of club events, you might like to enter an open meet. These events are hosted by various swimming clubs, and are graded to suit swimmers of various abilities.

Note that Open Meets often last all day or all weekend and start early on Sunday mornings, so a certain amount of dedication is required if you wish to swim a number of events! It is recommended that, at least for the first few Open Meets or for younger swimmers, that you only enter events in a single session.

If you would like to enter an open meet, just check the events on offer on the Schedule page and choose those that appeal to you. You can ask your swimming teacher for guidance if you need it. Then you need to check your Personal Best (PB) times in your chosen events to make sure you qualify to enter, i.e. that you're not too fast or too slow for that particular competition. Also make sure that you look at the entry times for the correct age group, open meets tend to use different "age as at" criteria.

Once you've made your choice and checked your times, email Chris Michael with your full name as entered on your ASA registration form, your date of birth, the events you have chosen and your PBs in those events. There will be an entry fee for each race you enter, which is usually about £5 – the total amount due will be confirmed to you and should be paid electronically to Chris Michael .

It is your own responsibility to make sure you arrive in plenty of time to sign in to confirm your swim, but there are usually other Wey Valley swimmers and a poolside representative to help you once you're there.













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