Guildford Primary Schools Gala

This annual event, created by Queen Eleanors school in 1999, is hosted and run by Wey Valley Swimming Club volunteers for girls and boys in Years 4, 5 and 6 in local primary schools. It aims to provide a swimming gala with a fun community atmosphere for local youngsters, many of whom are competing for the very first time.


May 2012

Holy Trinity190
The Raleigh181
St Thomas111
Queen Eleanors100
St Josephs70

The 14th Wey Valley Guildford Primary Schools gala, held at the Spectrum on 19th May, included an Olympic theme for 2012. Some 200 children from eight schools across the borough took up the challenge during a highly enjoyable night's swimming.

  • Year 6 winners: Girls - Tillingbourne, Boys - Boxgrove
  • Year 5 winners: Girls - Holy Trinity, Boys - Boxgrove
  • Year 4 winners: Girls - Tillingbourne, Boys - Boxgrove

A full writeup of the gala can be found here, the Surrey Ad clipping here and pictures taken on the night can be viewed in the Wey Valley gallery.

Our thanks again go to Chris Michael for all his hard work organising the event.

Karen Tuddenham

March 2011

Holy Trinity202
St Thomas159
Queen Eleanors140
St Josephs70

Reviving the tradition, on 12th March 2011 Wey Valley hosted the Guildford Primary schools swimming gala, this year at the Spectrum. Children from St Thomas, St Josephs, Holy Trinity, Boxgrove, Tillingbourne, Worplesdon, Sandfield and Queen Eleanors took part with many swimmers in their first gala. Supporters apreciated the additional space at the Spectrum and cheering was at full strength.

Event report, sent as a press release to the Surrey Advertiser, can be found here.

Thanks go to Chris Michael for all his hard work organising the event and to Jeni Colborne for being the referee and leading the officials.

Karen Tuddenham

May 2009

Holy Trinity104
Queen Eleanors81
St Thomas74
St Josephs48

Once again Wey Valley hosted the Guildford primary schools swimming gala. St Josephs, Queen Eleanors, Boxgrove, Holy Trinity and St Thomas took part in front of a packed Godalming Pool. For many this is their favourite gala of the year and quite right too. The atmosphere is wonderful, for many parents and swimmers it is their first introduction to competitive swimming and for many club swimmers it gives them the chance to be the star for their team rather than one of many at a normal club gala.

This year the battle between Boxgrove and Holy Trinity was as close as it has ever been. Holy Trinity won most of the year group prizes but thanks for HT being disqualified in 3 races and Boxgrove having no disqualifications at all, Boxgrove won by 111 points to Holy Trinity's 104 points. St Thomas beat Queen Eleanors to third place by the same margin of 7 points and St Joes brought up the rear.

Thanks go to Caroline Mackie and Debs Wanstall for all of their hard work yet again in making the gala happen.

Chris Michael

May 2008

On Saturday we hosted the schools gala for the 11th time. This year four schools took part, St Joseph's, Boxgrove, Holy Trinity and St. Thomas's. The children all enjoyed themselves with lots of smiles all around, usually mixed with nerves before the start and then with pure happiness at the end regardless of their place.

I think I will remember for a long time to come the sight of parents jumping up from their chairs screaming and shouting at the Boxgrove and Holy Trinity swimmers on the last leg of the 12 swimmer squadron as they charged down the final leg neck and neck. The parents stood up in Mexican wave style as the swimmers went passed them and then the children from both schools jumped as one as the swimmers touched at the end. It was so close and a wonderfully exciting finish to the squadron. I was at the other end of the pool and could not tell who won, I don't really care, the memory of all those excited supporters will stay long after the result has been forgotten (that and the massive water fight going on outside in the newly refurbished paddling pool!).

For the record Boxgrove won the overall gala, followed by HT, St. Thomas's and then St. Joes.

A huge thanks to Debs and Caroline once again for putting on the event and to all of the WV parents and volunteers who helped on the day

Chris Michael

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